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Invite Alex to speak on podcast or event

As tech advisor, Alex consults companies on how they can benefit from latest technologies and apply them in their business

Business owners, enterpreneurs, and startups may also benefit from list of applied topics - startups, patents, artificial intelligence

List of topics

Business and Technology

  • How to digitize your business and survive recession

  • How smart devices can help your business

  • Does your business need Artificial Intelligence?

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - do you need them?

Product development

  • Technology startups: what you should know to start

  • How to develop a technology product

  • Should you patent your new product?

  • What is AI and how to use it in new product

Startups and Investments

  • How to raise funds for a hardware startup?

  • How much $ you need to raise and when?

  • How to price your product?

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